Saturday, 3 September 2016

A few firsts - Toolkits and Manaiakalani Film Festival

This week I presented my very first Toolkit on Screencasting. Danni and I created a presentation to give some ideas on what screencasting could be used for and then planned for the rest of the session to be hands on "give it a go" time. Unfortunately Danni was unable to make it on the afternoon, however I was very lucky to have a small group of very supportive teachers from Glenbrae school attend. After going through the presentation we began screencasting (most of the teachers had a go at creating a screencast for parents or staff on how to access something on their blog or site). Not only was it great to support the staff and guide them through how to screencast, I also learnt equally as much along the way. By the end of the session we had created some great screencasts and I also worked with a teacher to edit his screencast in iMovie. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and look forward to hosting another toolkit in the future!

Here is the presentation created by Danni and I:

Here is a link to step by step instructions on how to screencast on a Mac using Quicktime Player.

Instructions on Screencasting - Mac

On Friday Michelle and I also began filming our class for our 2016 Manaiakalani Film Festival movie. The children were all very excited to be involved and luckily for us the weather held. Over the next week we will begin editing our footage and complete the final parts of filming. Watch this space!