Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Using the affordances of technology to support learners!

This term I have been working on how to support learners who are still learning to build a sentence. I wanted to have an activity that these students could work on while I am working with the students who are learning to edit and enhance their stories.

I decided to use Explain Everything and with the app I built an activity where the students were given the first sentence of a narrative story "Once upon a time there was a ........." They then had to choose whether their character in the story was going to be a "little princess" or a "big dragon". Students would drag this word into the space and then write the sentence into their story book. The advantage of Explain Everything was that the students could also listen to each word as I had recorded a soundbite and attached it to each word. On the next day the students would complete a similar slide in which they could then write about the setting. 

As the students gain confidence, the words could be muddled on the slide and they could drag and organise the sentence on their own. Below you can see how the activity looked: