Friday, 9 September 2016

Ubiquitous learning and film editing!

As part our our "Connecting with Manaiakalani" session this morning we discussed ubiquitous learning - this is creating learning that extends beyond the 9am - 3pm boundaries. After all if we can encourage students to learn anywhere, anytime and at any pace, then we are creating greater opportunities for learning to occur. It also encourages students to see learning as a life-long process and not something that only happens within the walls of the classroom. In our Year 1 class we encourage learning at home by sending home junior readers and also getting students to take home examples of what they have learnt to discuss at home. The discussion this morning definitely made me realise the need to think more deeply about how I could encourage ubiquitous learning with my young learners.

The rest of our day was allocated to editing our movies for Manaikalani Film Festival - one extremely handy tip I learnt in iMovie was HOW TO CREATE A FREEZE FRAME FROM A VIDEO - simply right click on the video footage in iMovie and select Add Freeze Frame. Watch this space over the next few months to see the release of our class movie!

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