Sunday, 28 August 2016

#Manaiakalani Hui - A very inspiring day!

Last Friday, I was extremely fortunate to attend the 5th Annual Manaiakalani Hui. The day began with the Manaiakalani student ambassadors sharing how they learn, create and share. Not only was it a very proud moment, it also allowed me to see some great ideas to incorporate into our classroom learning. The Spark MIT Innovative Teachers spoke next and this was equally valuable in gaining an insight into a variety of ideas and the research they were completing in their inquiry projects.

Rebecca, Aaron and Stuart from Woolf Fisher Research at Auckland University challenged us to consider how we can accelerate our learners. How can we get our students up to speed and then maintain this speed? What is important to teach? Is the learning programme rich and varied?

Russell. Dorothy, and Pat Sneddon highlighted that as a cluster we are achieving great results however we should always continue to work on where we are going next. We also need to realise that if we know something works that there is no excuse not to do it. Also as we outreach into other clusters we must continue to be open to sharing and taking new ideas and adapting our programme as successful strategies or approaches are found.

As innovative teachers we must always remain open to learning and trying something different!

Thank you to all who were involved, I felt extremely privileged to take part in this special celebration of our cluster!

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