Friday, 12 August 2016

Garageband 101

Today we were very lucky to have Rob Wiseman come to our MDTA immersion day and give us a crash course on Garageband. With the Manaiakalani Film Festival coming up it was great to get some tips on how to not only record audio, but also edit it to maximise the quality.

Here are some of the top tips/must-remembers I took from the session for recording and editing audio:

1) Don't underestimate the difference using a microphone can make.

2) Getting quality audio initially, allows for easier editing later (editing cannot fix terrible audio)

3) Test the audio first before recording - that way you can make any adjustments prior to spending valuable time collecting an usable piece of audio.

The session was greatly scaffolded in that we first of all learnt the basics - how to get the microphone working, how to record an audio track, split and delete sections (I now realise that there is no need to always start from the beginning of what you are recording if an error is made, as with the editing settings you can take out any imperfections).

We then had a go at creating an audio track using the music clips on Garageband - not only is this an extremely fun and addictive activity it is a great way to create your own original music tracks. As the sound tracks come with Garageband you really do not need to know the technicalities of composing to get creating!

P.S - Ashley wrote a great description of how to use the basic functions on Garageband so click this link to have a look!

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