Friday, 5 August 2016

Infographics on Canva

Today at the Manaiakalani digital immersion day we learnt all about the SHARE element of the Manaiakalani pedagogy LEARN-CREATE-SHARE and what it means to share learning. Sharing our learning as educators is an important part of developing our practice and allows us to receive feedback from our audience. Equally important is for our students to share their work to an authentic audience - students gain an understanding that they should create work they are proud of and that there are others out there who will be looking at their work and possibly even sharing this further.

In the afternoon we then created infographics (infographics are a way of visually sharing information where the data is concisely summarised). I used the data from the statistics on my blog to create an infographic on Canva. I used one of their templates and altered the colours and logos to suit the theme of my infographic. I found Canva very easy to use and it has a vast range of free icons, images, templates, backgrounds, etc to get creative with. It was also interesting to see where in the world viewers are from and the browsers and operating systems they are using!

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