Friday, 15 April 2016

Site up and ready to roll for Term 2!

Next Term, we are going to trial this site as a rotation during literacy. Students who have completed their reading follow up activity (our reading follow up activities are on the iPad and consist of cut up sentences, writing word work, picture taking and drawing - created as slides on Explain Everything) or need a task to work on until the teacher takes their group, will go onto the site and select an activity of their choice. The site is designed to fit their iPad screen, so students do not need to scroll to find the activities.

The activities will change as the learners needs develop, and will target specific learning areas. Currently, we are focusing on students learning their alphabet letters and sounds, high frequency words, and letter blends. All the activities on the site now are built around students building this knowledge in a variety of modes. We noticed many of the students want to engage in a variety of activities (both on and off the iPad), so it will be interesting to see how they engage with choosing a range of activities off the site,

Going onto a site will be a new challenge for all our learners, so we will take the time to make sure they understand not only the expectations, but also how to navigate their way around. Will keep you updated on how it goes!

Click on the picture to check out the site!


  1. Good to see you coming up with effective strategies for your 21st century learners Steph. I look forward to following this from afar and reading how it works out in practise next term. I love the way the two of you are able to dream of ways to maximise learning opportunities for our children.

    1. Thank you, Dorothy! It has been such a great term working alongside Michelle and the Manaiakalani community :) Will definitely keep you updated - have a lovely well deserved trip! Look forward to hearing all about it :)