Monday, 4 April 2016

Rewindable Learning

As I endeavour on my first year in the classroom, I have definitely battled trying to manage catching up students on work they have missed due to being absent. This can be due to students not showing up to school, showing up late, being pulled out of class for other commitments, or even being absent due to lack of understanding or focus.

It was inspiring to hear Dorothy Burt and Helen King speak to us today about how we can manage this in our digital environments. Some ideas raised included recording lessons taught on a device, creating video tutorials for strategies, and recording instructions on tasks that are to be completed. These digital REWINDABLE resources would then be placed in an accessible folder where students could revisit these ANYTIME, ANY PLACE at ANY PACE. Students are able to rewind learning sessions to either catch up on learning they have missed or revisit concepts they want to consolidate.

Creating visible and rewindable learning for students not only can reduce the amount of dependence students have on their teacher, it allows students to take ownership of their learning and realise that learning can occur away from the immediate radius of the teacher.


  1. This is really interesting Steph, I would love to see some of the rewindable learning you create for your learners! I think it is such a great idea and the way you have discussed it is wonderful - relating it to taking ownership of learning. You may be interested to do some reading about empowerment, which is along the same lines as this :)

    1. I was really inspired by this PD - I just need to work out a way to organise it into the daily routine so that it just becomes a part of the day :) Thank you, will definitely have a look into empowerment over the holidays :)