Friday, 19 February 2016

Spreading the word about GOOGLE spreadSHEETS!

Using Google Sheets in your teaching opens up endless possibilities with how you can organise your teaching and learning. In our class we plan all our lessons on Google Sheets and have embedded this onto our class site for the whole world to see! A major benefit of this is that I as a teacher can quickly edit and add on tasks for the students, and the students can independently bring down their learning each day through the links I have embedded.

Today I was lucky enough to see how Google Sheets can be used to monitor learning progressions - a Google Sheet had been created for individual students where the learning intentions for that subject and stage were listed (additional sheets can be added for each stage). When the student thought they had achieved a particular learning intention they provided a link to the evidence on the sheet and highlighted the intention blue. The teacher could then confirm whether the evidence was sufficient, and if it was would highlight it green. Through this process a visual working document was created, where it could easily be identified what would need to be learnt next.

Here is the example I was shown of how it could look:


  1. That is definitely an effective way to use Google Sheets. I have used something similar before, and it is even useful to change the colour of the WALT to when that student has attended the workshop/clinic for that specific WALT, then another colour when you have marked their worked, then another when you both agree they have a solid understanding of the concept. The possibilities are endless! :)

  2. That would be a good idea, as you could then see whether the workshop was able to teach the WALT effectively (if the evidence was then showing it mastered) :) Great for the older students to take ownership of their learning aswell!