Saturday, 13 February 2016

Making your drive through Google Drive an enjoyable one!

How smooth is your drive through Google Drive? Have you been mislead down a bumpy track making your class suffer from endless car sickness as you navigate your way around?

Here are a few tips for an enjoyable drive:
  1. Make learning visible - Ensure students are able to access their learning without having to request permissions. Having students wait around for you to make the learning accessible can lead to students losing focus in the lesson and valuable class time being wasted.
  2. Organise your files and documents - There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend hours trying to search various keywords to locate the long lost documents you created in the past. Make a yearly file with clearly label files within this main file - two minutes making files at the start of the year will save hours of sorting in your well earned holidays.
  3. Managing permissions  - Manage your permissions wisely so the right people can view the right "stuff". Make sure your teaching is visible, whilst ensuring confidential documents are secure.
  4. Moving and copying files/documents - Before you go dragging files into your drive make sure you know the SHIFT>Z rule. By using this command, it avoids removing the file from its original location (where others may also be accessing the file) and simply adds an alias to your drive.  


  1. This is such an awesome visual and simple bullet points of what is important for an effective Drive. I think it is great you are able to to effectively summarise a whole day of learning into a few sentences and a picture that is engaging.

  2. Thank you Georgia! It has been great to have everyone collaborate so that we can pick out key ideas as a group :) Its so handy that we share our visuals on our blogs too, as it is always cool to see how others organise their thoughts :)