Monday, 29 February 2016

Getting into my 2016 Teaching Inquiry

This year my inquiry focus is into how I can use formative practice in reading to track how teaching strategies are working - with a focus on Gwyneth Phillips prompts in guided sessions. I will observe my colleagues to see how they use the different prompts for each level, so that I can then use these appropriately in my reading groups. As I use these prompts, I will observe and reflect on how the children engage with the text and use different strategies to read increasingly difficult text.

To get started this year, I got my hands on some resources and bound a reference book for the prompts at each reading stage. I have observed a colleague using the Magenta prompts and have started using these in my own reading groups. Over the term, I will take time to continue observing and then using the strategies I have seen in my own reading teaching.


  1. Hi Steph,

    Thanks for sharing your inquiry with us on Monday. You are in such a good place to be working on this with Michelle modelling for you. Looking forward to seeing how you are going when we catch up next!


  2. Thank you Laura! Yes I am very lucky to have Michelle in the class and it will be great to be able to discuss how our inquiry is going in our group :)