Saturday, 18 June 2016

MDTA 'Interview' videos

Yesterday we began creating our videos about our MDTA journey over the past 6 months. The aim was to write a script and record an interview of ourselves - making it appear as if I was in a normal interview and speaking to someone else was a lot harder than I thought!

Hannah and I set off down to Point England beach to film ourselves and were greeted by plenty of seagulls and even a rat wanting to make a guest appearance in the recording. I definitely collected more bloopers than usable audio and may look at recording parts again over the next week - it was a great learning curve and I now know what I need to collect to get my interview ready for next week.

Keep posted to see my interview in a weeks time!


  1. Great photos. I'm looking forward to seeing your movie.

  2. Thank you Dorothy, it was great fun :) So beautiful down at the beach - we are so lucky to have our school near such a lovely spot!