Friday, 10 June 2016

Creating a screencast on QuickTime Player

Today, we learnt how to screencast using QuickTime Player on our laptops. In order to practise screencasting, we created a video of how our learners navigate our class site and their learning. Our Year 1 learners use iPads to support their learning and can access the site directly from a link on their iPad screen. They navigate the site as shown in the screencast and then import the appropriate activity onto their Explain Everything by clicking the link. An example of the types of activities we create to support reading through Explain Everything is also shown, as insight into how our activities are built to support the level of which the students are currently working at.

While completing this activity, I realised how screencasting can provide a quick method of creating rewindable learning. The teacher can create a quick screencast to explain activities or ideas to students which can be shared and then accessed whenever and wherever by the students when they require the support.

Here is the link to our class site!

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