Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Maui and the Sun!

This year our Manaiakalani Film Festival film was a retell of the story of Maui and the Sun. The children all worked really hard to make their costumes and act out all the different scenes! It was a great opportunity for the whole class to get involved and learn about green screening, filming and recording audio. Having our film screened at Hoyts on the big movie screen was definitely a highlight and the excitement from the children when they saw it come on was priceless - thank you to all those who organised this amazing event!



  1. Our kids loved this movie Steph - they all knew the story and enjoyed your class' take on it. You got a few chuckles especially when Maui and his brothers were angry!

    1. Thank you, Heath! The kids had so much fun acting out the scenes and was lovely to see the ideas and facial expressions they came out with :) Well done on your movie, too! The black and white effect was very cool and amazing acting!!