Friday, 7 July 2017

Coding - A very exciting find!

Over the weekend, as I journeyed through a path of links from twitter I ended up on a very exciting site called  j2code !

It was full of not only coding activities for older students, but from Year 1 up!

I immediately trialled the first activity - it involves you flying a rocket to each of the planets by directing it either left, right, forwards or backwards. As you click each command, it lists what you have requested the rocket to do in a box on the left hand side. You can then push play to see if you were able to reach each planet with your commands.

I am very excited to have a go using this site in appears to be working on the iPads. I just am still trying to find a quick way to screen record students work on the iPads without having to connect their devices to the class iMacs or my MacBook. If you know of how to do this I would love to hear!

Happy Coding!

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