Friday, 12 May 2017

Being responsible for keeping our home (NZ) beautiful!

Our school theme this year:

Throughout last term we discussed what responsibility meant and how we could be responsible and contribute to ensuring our environment stayed clean. It was great to see students immediately engage and suggest: Picking up rubbish, telling others to put their rubbish in the bin, asking Mr Burt if we can have a day off school to clean up the local creek and helping Mum and Dad with tidying at home.

As the weeks have passed I have been moved to see how much students took the many conversations and lessons on board. Most days I have spotted students from class picking up rubbish at morning tea and lunch, showing great concerns on how they had seen local birds picking up rubbish which they were worried it would eat, and making sure they contributed to Room 27 being a tidy and responsible class.

A very tidy kiwi  from our class who was snapped by a duty teacher at lunchtime cleaning our school:

It was all these moments that made me realise the great impact we all have on our future generations. The lessons we share, the words we speak, the actions we take all contribute to how the growing young minds view, perceive and act in our world.

Teaching our wonderful future generation on the small but very significant steps they can personally take for the environment will inspire those around to create positive change.

Our lesson on what happens when we pollute our creeks:

A collaborative piece by piece effort from Room 27 of the rainbow fish:

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