Friday, 25 November 2016

Creating a CV page/site

Today we were given the day to work on creating a CV page/site. I decided to first of all explore the past MDTA's CV pages to get an idea for how I could lay mine out. I then selected the highlights of 2016 to display on my CV page - each year I can then add a new selection on the top with the viewer still being able to visit previous years by scrolling down. I wanted to ensure I placed enough content on the page to display what I have learnt and been involved in, but also limited amount of text so that it remained interactive for the viewer.

Click the image below to visit my CV page!


  1. I looooove how you use colour :) The link to your inquiry doesn't work though. Good luck for this year!

    1. Hi Nicola! Thank you - it sure is very bright but reflected the fun year I had with the year ones :) I have relinked so hopefully it works now. All the best to you too!