Friday, 18 March 2016

Conquer Conflict Cauldrons

As much as we want to avoid conflict, we are often faced with situations in which we have to deal with contrary ideas, values and beliefs. Left bubbling away, these cauldrons can erupt into nasty distasteful pieces of work - which many of us may have experienced in the past. Personally, I avoid conflict like the plague and on Friday a workshop challenged me to think of it as a learning opportunity. Sarah at Stonefields School highlighted to us how we can look at conflict as a positive experience, in which we take on the challenge of appropriately addressing the issue. So instead of letting the cauldron overheat why not take positive action to cool it down?


Communicating - Communicate what is bothering you in a clear and respectful manner - talk to those directly involved and avoid letting it travel through the grapevine.

Controlling emotions  - Ensure that you are in an emotionally stable state to address the situation - if you feel angry and upset you will want to take time to calm yourself before saying something you may regret.

Personality differences - Do not forget that we are all different and need to learn to accept others ideas and values. Collaborate with others and celebrate these differences instead of allowing other viewpoints to frustrate you.

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