Friday, 29 November 2019

Pt England School Way Korero Movies

This week we got our students storyboarding, filming and editing their own Korero movies on the Pt England Way. I was incredibly impressed with how well they all done and how much they enjoyed the whole process - we had the class wanting to stay in at lunch to carry on their work! It was also great to see how the students absorbed all the new camera angles and filming techniques we showed them into their movies.

Clarelle and I started by demonstrating what a storyboard was and how we used it to create and outline our film. We went through that each clip had be kept short and that we used several different short clips with various camera angles to make an interesting movie!

We did have to keep emphasizing to students that they needed to start and stop each time they filmed a clip and not keep filming as they wandered off to their next filming location (this saved a lot of editing!).

Not only did the students have to learn all the filming and editing techniques in iMovie, they also had to learn to work as a team, taking turns filming and acting. Some students did struggle with having to collaborate and this was a great opportunity to teach these key competencies.

Here are a few of the Korero movies - they were the first movies the Year 3 students had ever done with us in iMovie. They have also filmed a second movie which I will upload once we have finished editing.